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Great product and an amazing taste Make ME. I´m a teacher in an Elementary School in San Diego. High risk of always catching flu´s from the children. I felt like catching a cold and took one Make ME. Just amazing how it works. I felt sooo much better. Now I take one per day. I feel great. This is def NOT a fake product… 5 Stars from my side!!!Juliano Jackson
I visited San Diego couple weeks ago and saw Make ME in a Convenience-Store in San Diego Downtown. I felt really bad from the long flight and so i gave it a shot. It says 1000mg Vitamin C. The first thing i realized, it has an amazing taste and to be honest I took 2 of it and the next day I felt much better. No painkillers or other pre-scripted pills, just this Vitamin C powder Make ME. This was awesome. Thanks Make ME u made my vacation to be honest. Otherwise I would have stayed minimum the fi…Senol Yilmaz
A friend of mine who was recently in CA just showed me a sample of Make ME. I researched about it and found this amazing Blog on their Website. I´m a smoker since more than 15years and I realized catching a cold much faster than other people. Just read it in the Blog that smoking reduces the level of Vitamin C a lot. This Blog is great to get informed about Vitamin C. I don’t need to search through 10.000 pages on the internet. Great Website and btw i just ordered some boxes. Great Product!Paul Weisblatt
At my age I really need to stay on top of things. Nothing get me going like Make Me C. It starts my day with the vitamins I need. It feels Great!!!Steve Anderson
I am retired and took my whole life Vitamins which i don t like. My son had on his birthday MAKE ME vitamins powder and i immediately liked the design and i gave it a try…. NOW i am crazy about it….for the first time vitamins are tasty and i don t have the bitter Vitaminc C taste anymore like on the other products:)I am sure i will live the next 30 years if i take MAKE ME and i am already 75. MAKE ME for a longer life:)))Marc Schmidtt
Feels good+day by day healthy vitamins+looks good+taste good=”MAKE ME VITAMIN”Scott NadineFlorida
I usually took emergency for my daily vitamins,GOT TO TELL U:”MAKE ME”has a much better taste and less calories! I think this product has great potentcial to be number 1 in the vitamin world.Well done!Antonio
“MAKE ME VITAMINS” is a vitamin powder which i give to my clients after a long,tough session with me! One of my clients told me today that she rather just comes to drink “MAKE ME VITAMINS” instead of working out:):):) I order it since weeks and all of my clients love it!Kate
I am a Tennis player and have tried several vitamin products BUT “MAKE ME” the best product i have tried. Nice orange flavor lots of vitamins….i take each day one and it keeps me healthy! BIG RECOMMENDATION AND AWESOME PRODUCT!Andrew Pocker
I drank this amazing Drink in Hamburg at my Friends House!! Wow what a Drink!!would be nice to have it in Hamburg!!!! Good Job Boys!!!Ramin bargelame

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