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About Us

Make ME ® Vitamins formula pinpoints one basic idea: WE LIKE TO FEEL GOOD. Nutrition is the foundation to good health, and when we’re healthy, we just plain feel better! Unfortunately, few of us get what we need from food. We need essential vitamins to feel good, and Vitamin C is a cornerstone to our health.

Make ME ® Vitamins founders Dominic Sohl and Rosbeh Barialai speak about the launch of their Vitamin C formula in the US market: “The US is an extremely vibrant market for vitamin and supplement products, with a very competitive marketplace offering consumers many choices and a large consumer base. We are confident that our product will provide what consumers need to keep them feeling good and staying healthy every day.”


  • About the Founders

Dominic Sohl is a new-generation young entrepreneur with visionary ideas of achieving success through radical new ideas. Dominic attended American High School in Switzerland, and graduated with a business degree from Montreux in Switzerland. He is currently completing his post-graduate studies in Entrepreneurship in London.

Rosbeh Barialai is also a new-generation young entrepreneur with sharp business acumen and an insatiable energy to work hard. Ross attended business school in Germany and brings to the table a wealth of business experience from the shipping and brokerage businesses.

Jorge Olson is a writer, social entrepeneur and business consultant who works in several business related projects at the same time.

The Founders of Make ME Vitamin Drinks

The Founders of Make ME Vitamin Drinks

1,000mg Vitamin C

  • 1000mg Vitamin C
  • Essential Micronutrients
  • 50 Pack Display
  • Energy-Lifting B Vitamins
  • Power Booster
  • Caffeine-Free
  • Balanced Formula
  • Great Taste
  • Take Anywhere!

Distributors Welcome

distribute vitamin supplementWe offer excellent margin on our product with Point of Sale Material for your customers and delivery crew. Contact Us Today to learn more

Vitamin C Formula

Store Delivery

 We deliver to your store a display ready to set up Instantly.

Vitamin C Formula

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